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Tensky Corporation Logo 2019   The Tensky project hopes to attract software engineers who are up to date with current GPU/Machine Learning technology, and who would like to be involved in this project as a career, avocation, or act of public service.

  The ideas that this enterprise is based on have been reviewed by a small group of respected figures in the Denver area "startup" community and found to have merit.

  This is a very exciting project. We need to attract a person or group of people who can look at this problem and instantly become filled with ideas about how they can make this work.

  Clearly stated: This application requires that we find people who believe that they can teach a GPU in an aerial drone, to quickly and decisively spin a net around a school shooter.

  These ideas will also help lead to the creation of a new, and important, automated human services industry that includes human-controlled, non-lethal robotic security that can capture a “bad guy,” without hurting them much.

Can you teach a drone to spin a net around a school shooter?

Drones and nets may not be the answer; but it certainly seems a reasonable place to start.

• Our most recent research into these subjects tells us that the microchips; the “GPUs” exist, that can absolutely lock on to a human target, and using machine learning, navigate an aerial drone to spin a net around that person, automatically and decisively.

• The trick, however, is that very few people currently understand how to do this type of programing.

• The two key design elements are:

1. Human: This system is video-link controlled by remote human operators.

2. Automation: When engaged, the net-drones are fully automated. If the video link is activated the remote human operators can then make a timely assessment of the emergency situation and then decide to deploy, or not deploy the automated human-capture routine.

Image of proposed flight path    Proposed flight path
   The "ribbon-net" is a rectangle of mesh fabric 24"x195". The trailing end is fitted with a parafoil that is designed to carry fishhooks into positive contact with the target. Estimated flight time, < 3 seconds.
  CONTACT:   May 27, 2019

  Announcing the April 2019 release of the: IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems
  Ethically Aligned Design A Vision for Prioritizing Human Well-being with Autonomous and Intelligent Systems, First Edition. IEEE, 2019

  Ethically Aligned Design.pdf

  Governing Lethal Behavior.pdf


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