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  As every bit of hardware, microchips and software needed to fullfill this proposal, exist today, it then must be our ethical duty and a social obligation to now work toward employing these new technological avenues, with all due haste.

Image: Citizens Council on Robotic Safety and Public Security LLC_Official LogoTensky Corporation Logo 2019  DRAFT PROPOSAL FOR THE REAL-WORLD,

 As propsed by the Citizen's Council For Robotic Safety and Public Security

The first “new” rule, proposal is that:
( 1. ) Robots are here to serve humans.

The second “new” rule, echoes Asimov’s first:
( 2. ) The killing of humans by robots is not allowed.
(If people need to be subdued, they should be captured live.)

We want to develop a philosophical statement that will become publicly accepted as "the rule,” or “rules” of Robotics." Knowing full-well, that until humanity becomes a bit more enlightened; the rule will be broken, by the government, by the armies and by the insane.

Perhaps the third rule could be that:
( 3. ) No private person, or corporation, can possess a robot designed to kill a human.
(This is, of course, impossible to enforce, and we can expect drone murders and perhaps domestic drone terrorism.)

The fourth rule, should include ideas like these:
( 4. ) "Robotic Safety," is specific to the physical relation between "humans," and "robots." (Referring back to the first rule.) With the premise that Robotic Safety must equate to human security and the improvement, and our enjoyment of the human experience.
  Announcing the April 2019 release of the: IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems
  Ethically Aligned Design, A Vision for Prioritizing Human Well-being with Autonomous and Intelligent Systems, First Edition. IEEE, 2019

  Ethically Aligned Design.pdf

  Governing Lethal Behavior.pdf


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